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Brennan Mulwray
11 October 2006 @ 11:11 pm
EM Topic 17 - Are you impulsive?
What?? Am I impulsive? *stares incredulously at the screen* I am so not impulsive. Couldn't be further from impulsive than the earth from the sun.

Oh I see you looking at the dent in the kitchen’s ceiling. Yeah – no… that was an accident. Seriously. There was a bug up there and sure, I could have zapped it, but that would have ruined the paintwork. See - I thought about that, it was not an impulsive move at all, throwing a candlestick holder, not impulsive.

Bugs in kitchens are seriously not good news.

The broken guitar? Hell no, that wasn’t impulsive! Shal was trying to wrench it from me… that girl has got some power in those puny arms. Wasn't playing badly. Don't know what got into her, but at any rate, I don't call not wanting to let go of my guitar impulsive.

I loved that guitar.

Oh I see what you’re getting at. You want to mention the ban from that movie place out in Fresno. Ok firstly? It was a drive through holiday type thing and really the guy overreacted when I - - - yeah, so the sign at the front said no hot substances allowed in the theatre. The coffee wasn’t hot?! He shouldn’t have tried to twist it out of my hand. He’s the one who should have anticipated getting covered in the stuff, and believe me, the last thing a coffee person wants to see is coffee that is a) not in it’s proper place and b) not drinkable as all over some person.

So that wasn’t impulsive either. That was his fault entirely. Man… still wish I could have finished that cup – it was a double tall full caf long black.

I am not impulsive. Hey, what you looking at??! HEY!!! I’m warning you!!!

*tesla coil generated*

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X
Word Count 304
Shalimar Fox: Laughingshalimarfox on October 12th, 2006 07:44 am (UTC)
I do NOT have puny arms!!! Next time we're training? I'll have to prove it to you, knock you clear to the ground.
Brennan Mulwray: virtualbrennanmulwray on October 12th, 2006 11:54 am (UTC)
*clears throat* ...puny in the sense that they're not fat...

Knock me to the -?

Awww Shal! You know you can't do that!

Emma DeLauro: Smile [devious]emma_delauro on October 13th, 2006 07:03 am (UTC)
See, I appreciate the impulsiveness. Wouldn't be here if you weren't.

But... C'mon. I'm sick of cleaning plaster off the floor in this place. Just be impulsive at something that isn't going to make a mess. Please.