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Brennan Mulwray
12 March 2007 @ 06:03 pm
EM Topic 31 – Any place that you would rather be?
Is there any other place I would rather be right now? Are you kiddin’ me?! Ok so maybe you spent your whole day on some other planet but there is an electrical storm out there and it’s raining like a ---. Got no current peprson to be running around after, there’s no emergeny… no present overwhelming crisis caused by the GSA… finally we get a bit of down time after that last incident and you’re askin’ if there’s anyplace else I’d rather be??? Geeeeeezus, doesn’t a body need to *be* in a place a minute before answering that?! See this book? This is what I’m going to do now.

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X

Word Count 110
Brennan Mulwray
02 March 2007 @ 11:45 pm
EM Topic 25 – Rain
Rain. Water. Good old H-two-O.… good thing, right? Yeah.. right… unless you’re a walking tesla coil. A human lightning bolt. Kinda learned from an early age that electricty and rain? Not a good mix. This is the part where I’m supposed to tell some tear jerking story about what happened when it was raining and I was caught outside or something like that.

There aren’t any stories to tell. I guess it’s just always been there in the back of my head, never much liked water. Watching storms from behind a window .. stuff like that, yeah. There’s some sort of beauty in that. Being caught outside in the storm, not so much.

Swimming’s never really been my thing either. Y’know, when there’s been lots of water, I usually end up dead or dying. And if there wasn’t Shal, Emma or Jesse around, at those times, I wouldn’t be here whining about rain and water in this journal-thing.

Keep the water where it should be and the rain off me. Rain. Rain makes you uneasy when you’re a walking spark.

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X

Word Count 180
Brennan Mulwray
02 March 2007 @ 05:55 pm
EM Topic 22 – The truth will set you free
Will it? Will it really… now there’s a really wacked out way of putting things. See, in my case? The truth is most certainly not something that is gonna set me free. It’s more likely gonna get me locked up.

The truth.. what is truth anyway? That ever elusive thing that so many crave but cannot find. A lie that someone believes, believes so much that they turn it into the truth. The truth as they see it, sure, but that’s still a truth.

Truth gets you nothin’ but trouble. ‘Oh yes, Mr Neilsworth, I was the one who smashed your window’, and we all know what comes next. You own up, and yeah, it was an accident, it wasn’t intentional, but they make you pay and pay and…

Truth. A word that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Truth. That thing that Genomex want to expose. Have a whole security force trying to clean up the streets of those ‘people who need help’.

And that’s the truth? So, if I tell the truth… they’ll help me.
Hmm. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to fit well with the scar on the back of my neck where that probey thingy was. Don’t want to remember the name. It has a name, I just don’t want to remember it.

And that’s the truth.

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X

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Brennan Mulwray
11 October 2006 @ 11:11 pm
EM Topic 17 - Are you impulsive?
What?? Am I impulsive? *stares incredulously at the screen* I am so not impulsive. Couldn't be further from impulsive than the earth from the sun.

Oh I see you looking at the dent in the kitchen’s ceiling. Yeah – no… that was an accident. Seriously. There was a bug up there and sure, I could have zapped it, but that would have ruined the paintwork. See - I thought about that, it was not an impulsive move at all, throwing a candlestick holder, not impulsive.

Bugs in kitchens are seriously not good news.

The broken guitar? Hell no, that wasn’t impulsive! Shal was trying to wrench it from me… that girl has got some power in those puny arms. Wasn't playing badly. Don't know what got into her, but at any rate, I don't call not wanting to let go of my guitar impulsive.

I loved that guitar.

Oh I see what you’re getting at. You want to mention the ban from that movie place out in Fresno. Ok firstly? It was a drive through holiday type thing and really the guy overreacted when I - - - yeah, so the sign at the front said no hot substances allowed in the theatre. The coffee wasn’t hot?! He shouldn’t have tried to twist it out of my hand. He’s the one who should have anticipated getting covered in the stuff, and believe me, the last thing a coffee person wants to see is coffee that is a) not in it’s proper place and b) not drinkable as all over some person.

So that wasn’t impulsive either. That was his fault entirely. Man… still wish I could have finished that cup – it was a double tall full caf long black.

I am not impulsive. Hey, what you looking at??! HEY!!! I’m warning you!!!

*tesla coil generated*

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X
Word Count 304
Brennan Mulwray
11 October 2006 @ 03:29 pm
EM Topic 2 - South
South. That can be so many things… a direction, a feeling, a migratory path, a terminal…
Sometimes you could even combine all those things together. That probably doesn't make a lot of sense, and y'know, it really doesn't. They all have something in common, they end up taking a nose dive.
It’s all about the dive. Going due south. Just… falling. Not even free falling. Just falling. When things go south they go badly. When feelings go south, they're depressed. So many negative connotations for such a simply word it's just –

Yeah, maybe I should stop reading dark novels… they’re taking me south. Maybe there’s something whacked going on with charges… maybe there’s a thunderstorm brewing [they get a lot of those down south] and it’s messing with electric fields... messing with me.

If anyone cared, that would probably be the day the end of the world started.

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X
Word Count 148
Brennan Mulwray
27 August 2006 @ 08:10 pm
EM Topic 11 - Theme Song
The inevitable theme song question arises... if you were a song, what would it be? Hell, I don't know?! Do you people realise just how much music is out there?
It could be anything from "This is not my life" [Fastball] to ... "Cold" [Julian Lennon].

Usually a person'd be able to think of something off the top of their head. Usually, *I* would have been able to think of something. But not right now. Right now I feel like ... electrocuting a wall. Watching the flies zap into the blue light. Hey, maybe that would make "Man Machine" [Robbie Williams] more appropriate as a theme song...

It's just this question, is all. Stupid dumb ass mp3 player fried today. All that it had to do was sit in the speaker-cradle thing and provide some melodious background noise, but no.
And yeah - this question about what song suits you? Well, that all depends on the time of the week and what year it is, doesn't it? I mean.. at one point, you might feel more like "Life is Rollercoaster" [Ronan Keating]. Then you realise that the songs you're thinking of are kinda ecclectic.

Inside... that's the question, what do I feel like inside... "Desperado" [The Eagles]. If I had to pick a song right now - this very minute, that's what I would go with.
Either that or "Mourir les sirènes" [Roch Voisine].

*generates a tesla coil*

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X
Word Count 234
Brennan Mulwray
08 August 2006 @ 04:14 pm
EM Topic 7 - photoprompt
the photo

The guy was walking a little quicker now, but still very casually, he was trying to leave the tracks without being noticed. But see, the reason I saw him was because he was on the tracks. How many times have you been around a station and there’s this great big huge honkin’ sign that says ‘vietato traversare’ or something similar. People are not generally supposed to be on the tracks.

I guess that’s part of the reason why I followed him. He didn’t see me until it was too late for him to do anything. But things didn’t go down as I had expected.

Ma-aan. You scared the shit outta me. The package is where I said it’d be. Just go pick it up already. Leave me out of this.

Ok, so this guy thought I was his contact. Who was I to argue? I told him I wanted to verify the contents of the package, said it was part of the deal. The drop off point was an empty carriage - ok, now that was about as predictable as the sun rising. The guy poked around for a while and then took out a decent sized brown parcel.

I had a feeling that the contents would be as predictable as the rest of the events, and they were. White powder.

Yeah… this whole thing was turning into a very old, very used, cliché. It was just about time for me to wrap the whole thing with another well known… ending…

One carefully judged zat and the guy would be out cold long enough for the authorities to get there. Authorities… didn’t like ‘em, but that was the best option.

There were no cameras, no tapes...

Yeaaaah… time to head back.

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X
Word Count 293
Brennan Mulwray
29 July 2006 @ 06:08 pm
EM Topic 4 - Fear
Fear… it's one of those things that most people want to avoid but some wish to create. For some, fear means power and power means domination, but that just doesn’t fly with me. You can’t lead people through fear - well, no, actually, you can, but it never ends well. At some point the frightened are going to suck it up and retaliate.

Fear can be many things... some rational, some not. Take water for example – there is a very good reason that I should be apprehensive of water… but I don’t constantly fear it. I use it all the time *sly smile* but uh, yeah – if I’m dealing with some bad guy and someone turns a hose on? Then it could be argued that I might fear the consequences… because y’know… dying is not quite what I would have planned while dealing with a bad guy.

Actually that’s another big on, isn’t it? Lotsa people fear death… they may not see that there are fates worse than death. Y'know, something like Ekhart's pods... being conscious in one of those things... aware and yet stuck, unable to do anything.

There's a wise old little green guy who once said that fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. … makes sense, doesn't it?

Brennan Mulwray
Mutant X
Word Count 217
Brennan Mulwray
25 July 2006 @ 09:44 pm
Elite Muse - History
What is with the twenty questions today?? Seemed like any other day when I got up this morning. But now there’s the ‘tell me about your dreams’ and ‘what would you change’ and ‘do you want fries with that?’. It is a macchiato. No I do not want fries with it.

And of course the quiet moment that you’ve looked forward to doesn't last... something always interrupts.
Change only one thing? Then it would be stopping her going to that store. I should have never let her go in my place. I should have known, should have sensed something.

The explosion was strong enough to take out some of the surrounding buildings... Medical staff at the morgue wouldn’t let anyone near the victims. ‘Visually unidentifiable’ they had said, and they had had to use DNA to identify them.
And all for what? I was supposed to go pick up the photos that had just been processed... she had said that it was on the way to the drycleaners anyway, since she had some stuff to pick up, she'd get the photos too. No sense in making separate trips.

Before the phone rang, we were about to take some down time. She had said if she went right then she'd be back sooner and we'd have all afternoon...
She never came back…
I should have stopped her… half an hour would have been enough...

Blissful moments… something always interrupts.
Brennan Mulwray
25 July 2006 @ 05:56 pm
Elite Muse - dream
My thoughts race as I try to run. It is dark in this forest, way too dark and way too cold. I have to get out of this place and I know it has to be sooner rather than later. Something was making its presence known and there was no way my five year old self would be sticking around for the meet and greet. That thing… whatever it was, that thing sounded big. One little zap of blue lightning was not going to be a lot of help against that thing. I had only recently discovered those little blue zaps of lighting…

Just as I thought I was clear of danger my foot gets caught in something and I come crashing down. Stuff scratching at my face and digging into my arms and legs and the stinging! The stinging… the more I try to get up the more it stings.
But I have to get up, if I don't something worse is going to happen.

I have to just.. suck it up. Suck it up and just tear out of this stinging trap. I try to pull my arms out – the grip of the trap tightens and the pain gets worse. I let out a roar and force myself out of the stinging trap, ignoring the pain.

I want to run - the dark presence is closing in, but my feet wont move. The darkness is right behind me now, I turn. I can feel something tighten in my throat - I want to scream but nothing comes out – it’s choking me and I can’t defend myself. Pain. Even more pain than before.

And that’s when I’d wake up.

Yeah, I often had that dream as a kid. Waking up in a cold sweat. Damn that dark forest…